Permission Granted

Note to Self:

Please, understand that your dreams are important. Just as Joseph Campbell advised, follow your bliss.  The key to success is to discover the positive things that bring joy and make them the foundation of your goals.  Dreams are important!

As one of your dreams has always been to master the fine craft of storytelling, make that an important focus of your life.  Devote a minimum of fifteen minutes each day to writing.  Since true stories are still stories all the same, there is no need to limit yourself to fiction.  However, it should be creative.  To add a little challenge to this goal, avoid writing that is dry and academic.  That may be your strong point when composing essays for professors, but it is a downfall just about everywhere else.  Creativity is the foundation of great storytelling.  Give yourself permission to break out of old writing models and explore new styles.

Most importantly, give yourself permission to take time to write.  Treat that space with the same gravity with which you regard your employers.  Someday, you may be your own employer and this may be your work.  Isn’t that the goal after all?

During your dedicated writing time, you have permission to ignore the world.  All the sadness and madness and weirdness that comprises the world and your place in it will get along just fine without you, I promise. Every problem will wait for your return, so it’s safe to leave them be for a while. You even have permission to ignore the mess around your work area, though I do suggest you make a genuine effort to clean it up before and after the sustained writing time.  You have permission to sit until the thought is complete.  You also have permission to grant yourself other permissions as necessary.  This last bit may seem scary at first, but don’t worry: they won’t be detrimental.

Finally, have fun!  This is supposed to be a joyous time!  If your devoted writing time becomes a little window to which you look forward each day, then you will embark upon the correct path to success.

And don’t forget to thank yourself for following your bliss!


Shawna Lynn

(The Self)